Beachstock Pregame Big Screen Baseball and Wiffleball Homerun Derby

June 23, 2023 5:00 pm

For the first time ever to kick off Beachstock, The Planet’s Biggest Beach Party, the MBA will host a FREE Wiffle Ball Home Run Derby on the Granville Ave beach Friday June 23 from 5pm-7pm. Day of registration begins at 4pm. The derby will precede the big screen LED digital showing of the National League Champion Phillies vs. Mets, free of charge, first pitch is 7:05pm. All participants in the derby will be divided into age groups (age 6 and over), flex their muscles and have 10 swings to hit the most home runs in that age group for awesome prizes. The beach will be complete with USA DJ Entertainment making play by play announcements and an outfield fence on the beach. $2 hotdogs and $3 beers for adults will be available for purchase.

FEES: None, this is a free event.
PRE-REGISTRATION: Online through June 21 at 10pm; In-person registration June 23, 4pm-4:45pm.
ELIGIBILITY: Ages 6 to adult; all are welcome to participate.
FORMAT: 10 swings off a designated pitcher.
PRIZES: Most home runs per age group and most home run(s) combined adult/child (under18).


1) Age groups will be determined by ages of participants under the age of 18. Over 18 will all be
considered adults.
2) Designated pitcher will toss to hitters, non-swings will not be counted towards the 10 swings
allowed. If wind is too strong, participants will hit from a tee.

3) Foul balls, ground balls, swings and misses will all count towards the 10 swings allowed
and considered an out.
4) Ties will be settled by a 1 pitch ‘Walk Off” round. If no winner
after 3 pitches, a ‘Sudden Victor’ will be whoever hits the next home run.



Starts: June 23, 2023 5:00 pm
Where: Beach